Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Good friends on Day Trip to Ronda

Ronda Ronda Ronda, a great place to have a day out if youre stuck up some hill somewhere in the darkest mountain range somewhere nearby, Ronda can seem like a positive metropolis.

What to buy? Well shoes of course what a silly question! Rondas shopping streets are absolutely jam packed with shoe shops, large and small, exclusive and not so exclusive some even- well one in particular actually proudly announces that you are actually in the cheapest shoe store in Spain, yes well I dont think that RondeƱan shoe store owners are particularly bothered about libel laws as long as the ever shoe hungry tourist or general shopper thinks theyre getting a bargain who cares. If you dont fancy shoes then underwear is the next glutted market. Several years ago it was pretty hard to find a decent bra or knickers in this rather conservative market town, but after one entrepreneurial shop owner decided to open an underwear store the rest of Rondas shop owners promptly thought the same- great now everyone can choose from over six underwear shops i did actually wonder whether maybe RondeƱans washing machines were swallowing loads of pairs of knickers and maybe this might explain why Rondas drainage problems are so severe when theres heavy rainfall but then realised this was actually a pretty stupid idea- it must just be all those knickerless tourists that keep them in business. If you can or rather arent bothered if you can fit into miniscule pairs of knickers although seeing the size of the average Spanish ladies bottom I have to wonder whose buying these hard to see items, there are quite a few icecream shops to indulge ones fancy after all what else does a person need when on holiday if its not knickers shoes or icecream - oh of course theres all that useless stuff they sell in the gift shops.

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