Saturday, 7 November 2009

insider tips for great tapas in Ronda Malaga Spain

So its getting a bit chilly here in the mountain town of Ronda, the third most visited location in Spain, and although its not the best time of year for sitting out on the terraces of the bars and cafes it is a great time to get inside and cosy up with the effervescent locals- that way you can really experience what its like to "tapear" in this gastronomically varied and acclaimed town.

Having lived in the surrounding area for the last 17years and being based for the last year in this beautiful town I have discovered some really great tapas bars. I personally much prefer this method of eating as it means you get to try out lots of different tastes and flavours while managing to keep both the waistline and the purse in a healthy state. The use of the word tapa originates from being served something small on a small saucer to essentially cover your drink presumably from the threat of invading flies or wasps. It has since become synonymous with eating out in Spain although the free tapa has pretty much become extinct.

So onto my personal faves .

Definately one of the most authentic and for those on a budget the cheapest tapas bars is The Lechugita situated just off the Plaza Socorro - the speciality of the house has also lent its name to the bar and is just that a half roman lettuce marinated in a delicious lemony dressing; crunchy, refreshing and the perfect thing on a hot dry afternoon. The menu features various toasts with blue cheese and serrano ham, or quince jam with goats cheese. All the tapas are 70c although you can get a larger plate of various meat dishes for around 5e. The best thing about this bar is its authenticity although that inevitably means a pretty spit and sawdust approach- preferable in some cases to the over decorated rustic venues that seem to abound in the Serrania.

Onto one of the best fish tapas bars Los Caracoles located on a side street opposite the Bus Station, easy to spot by the big barrels that serve as tables outside on the street and the inevitable crowds. The speciality here is also the name of the restaurant so if you enjoy a nibble on our slippery freinds this is definately the bar for you. They also have a range of fish tapas and most notably large fresh prawns, and various shell fish. Its best to get here early on an evening as it becomes packed out pretty quick.

Bar Faustino just off the main shopping street is also a great place to get a decent bite to eat, specialising in gorgeous fried mushrooms and boquerones and purpeta which is basically a fillet of pork stuffed with a delicious filling and served in alittle caserole dish in a tasty sauce and the obligatory potatoes.

Well after all this talk of food I could well do with a top up myself so Im off maybe to discover a new favorite bar.........................

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  1. These are fantastic places indeed. Great recommendations!