Monday, 14 March 2011

How to look after your all natural handmade soap

Handmade natural soap is a pure pleasure to use on the body and face giving a wonderful creamy lather and leaving ones skin super soft to the touch and extra moisturised by all the wonderful oils and essences packed in them. However because of its very "naturalness" it needs a little more care than the shop bought chemical ridden variety. When I first made soaps I searched high and low for a good soap dish which you might think would be an easy task but actually it wasnt at all. So in the end I designed a dish that would meet my needs. The soap dish I came up with is a stoneware dish that curves slightly so that the soap sits only on its edges and can therefore drain completely after each use. This means that your handmade soap will last and last which is of course a good thing seeing as they tend to be a little more expensive than a shop bought one. I have also been lucky enough to find some beautiful smelted glass dishes that also drain effectively and are absolutely beautiful to look at. Both types of dishes are completely handmade to order by some local artisans that live in the beautiful white village of Olvera which is just a short drive from Ronda where Im based. Available on my website each one is unique and a must for anyone who treasures their handmade soaps.

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