Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fresh organic olive oil handmade soap

So its been a while since I last posted but Im proud to share my latest wonderful soap creation made from extra virgin organic olive oil and nothing else ( if you dont count spring water). It all started when a local well known organic olive oil producer approached me to make him his very own exclusive extra virgin olive oil soap. He left me a 5 litre bottle of his olive oil thats just been ranked in amongst the top 20 organic olive oils in the world and off I went into the workshop to try out various recipes. After a couple of test batches, I finally hit on the right formula to create a beautiful smooth creamy coloured bar that lathers well and leaves the skin absolutely soft to the touch. Extra virgin olive oil is quite hard to work with as it takes very long to trace - infact the successful batch took over two days to harden sufficiently and despite having a 5% reduction on the lye content and having to make several adjustments on the water content, it lathers incredibly well infact I couldnt stop washing my hands and working the lather into an abundant almost cream like texture. The bars were so good that I swopped the made bars for more oil and promptly made more and they are now available for sale on my website under speciality soaps . They really make a wonderful option for delicate skins and extra dry skin problems like excema or psoriosis, and due to the high quality and purity of the oil used that was not heat treated in any way all the goodness of olive oil is left in the final product.

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