Thursday, 10 February 2011

Insider tips on the best tapas bars in Ronda update

Ok its been nearly two years since I wrote the last post on where to get good tapas in Ronda, and feel its time to update just a little. All the places I mentioned in the first post are still great options but since then there are a couple of new places that really deserve a mention. The first is a small but fantastic bar called Entre Vinos on the Calle Lauria Pozo just up from the Parque Alameda, that combines the highly acclaimed wines of Ronda some of which are also Organic, available by the glass and some wonderful tapas. The bar is decorated stylishly and run by a young couple who are both friendly and helpful, there are digital slide shows of the most famous vineyards of the Serrania de Ronda and you can delight the taste buds with local cheeses, Iberian pork and my personal favourite the Pato Confitada or Duck Confit.

Not quite so chic are the bars that have opened up just infront of the Bus Station overlooking the municipal free carpark. I did mention Los Caracoles in the first post, but this bar has now been joined by several others all offering fantastic fish tapas, whitebait amongst the best. Its not quite the scenic environment associated with Ronda but its 100% authentic and atmospheric and allways packed lunchtimes and evenings with locals out for a quick, good,cheap bite.

I have to mention the bars in the Barrio San Franscisco, which really are amongst the best not only for the food but also for the setting. In the main Plaza of the Barrio lined with ancient trees you can enjoy a variety of excellent tapas, tortitas de camarones, smoked stuffed salmon or maybe a palm heart salad. Its a great place to take the kids as theres a nice little play ground within viewing distance and it really is full of Spanish families, from greatgrandmothers to little babies. The main Bar Sanfranscisco (pictured) is one option, or if you want something more elaborate the Almocabar on the oposite corner also has a terraced dining area in the square. If you really want to push the boat out you could try Casa Maria where the British chef Jamie Oliver decided to whet his appetite.


  1. I saw the episode with Jamie Oliver... And the woman serving him seemed a great character :)Hope to visit Ronda one day.

  2. Hi Alison, Ronda is indeed a very beautiful town, still very Spanish and full of great places to eat- I will have to update as Ive discovered some more, just no time as yet.