Monday, 21 March 2011

Relax with lavender aromatherapy soy wax candles

Well known in the United States Soy wax is now making headway in the European and UK markets as an alternative to paraffin wax based candles. Soy wax is hydrogenated soy bean oil - made from soy beans and is a completely renewable resource, that also has several user friendly advantages over paraffin wax candles. Firstly, and perhaps of most interest to the consumer is the fact that soy wax candles burn slower and therefore last up to 50% longer than their paraffin wax counterparts. They also burn cleaner releasing less CO2 into the atmosphere- up to 90%less smoke giving a cleaner home environment which is of particular interest to people with small children. Due to their slower burn time soy wax candles also have a wonderful scent throw and you can even use essential oils to scent the candles meaning they are a completely natural alternative. One of the handy advantages of soy wax is that any spills are completely removed with just some hot soapy water so you dont run the risk of spoiling your nice tablecloth with wax spills. We have recently made several differently scented soy wax candles- lavender with flowers pictured, or juniper and cedarwood plain white and they are now for sale in the shop in Ronda at Calle Sevilla 23 or via the website. So give them a try you'll be surprised how long they last and how great they smell.

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