Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Book Sale- any book 1 euro

Ok everyone, am doing a clearout of all my books, so theres around 200 books available at the reasonable price of 1 euro each at my shop in Ronda, Calle Sevilla 23. So next time you come up this way come and have a look theres more than likely something you havent read yet! The titles range from Vikram Seth to Rudyard Kipling, Isaac Asimov to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Biographies, to reference books, some poetry and quirky modern fiction.

Like alot of people out there I tend to horde books and cant bear to give them away, but with over 1000 books Ive decided to be a little ruthless and cull the ever growing mountain.

So they are all available for perusal, during opening hours- and the proceeds will be going to a good cause!

Andalucia Soap Company Calle Sevilla 23 Ronda 29400 Tel:952 87 22 42 for more information.

Thanks, Sara

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