Saturday, 2 April 2011

Best Churros in Ronda

Churros are one of the things that alongside the ubiquitous Paella seems to stick in ones mind about eating out in Spain. Now they are to be found all over the world, even at Glastonbury festival, but its Spain where they're done to perfection. It wasnt till I went to Granada one weekend that I realised that churros are actually made differently in each town. In Ronda they're made extra light and airey and fried in big rings, but in Granada I was severely dissappointed as they were considerably doughier and not at all like the crispy delights I was used to. So where is the best place to get ones churros in Ronda?- well Rondenans favorite is definately, La Ponderosa which is infront of the bus station and has a large patio outside. In the mornings, but particularly on weekends you will see hordes of young Rondenos after a heavy night out soaking up their alcohol indulgence at this very churreria. The churros are 1.20 euros per person - unfortunately I have had some feedback from a couple of tourists that read this piece and then went to La Ponderosa for their recommended churros, only to be charged 2 euros a person. When I could I went up to La Ponderosa to check this with a Dutch friend and sure enough they charged him 2 euros per churros per person. Unfortunately the real price is 1.20 but as so often and sadly is the case here in Ronda tourists are charged more. So although these are the best churros in Ronda by far youll probably have to pay extra for the privelege. I have to say that I wont be going there again as its a practise I despise but unfortunately it occurs even in high street shops. The staff are incredibly quick, so within a few minutes you're served with a big round of churros and chocolate, the traditional drink - which is more like a pudding-into which to dip the churros. If you like them extra sweet they can also be generously dusted with sugar. They really do do the trick if youre feeling a little worse for wear! For many from the surrounding pueblos this is a must have when they get to Ronda, getting into town before the shops open at ten, means breakfast is something of a tradition and many choose churros over toast as its often not available in the small white villages that dot the serrania. So if youre looking for great churros - head up to the bus station, only a 5 minute walk from the main shopping street and you wont be dissappointed.

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