Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spring florals

Ive been a bit busy lately making lots of beautiful floral inspired handmade soaps, the weather is absolutely gorgeous here at the moment and the flowers in my small garden are busy budding which inspired me to make 3 lovely soaps with flower toppings.

Gardening is high on my list at the moment as Spring has definately arrived and Ive been busy seeding rocket, coriander, parsley and planting out lettuces and tomatoes. I like to do my gardening work without gloves as otherwise Im a clumsy gardener but it does mean I end up with very dirty hands that often have small cuts and scratches. So a special gardeners soap was top of my list. So I made an extra virgin olive oil rich soap, enriched with cocoa butter to give extra moisturizing qualities and lavished extra quantities of Tea Tree essential oil to help clean and cure those little cuts and scrapes. It also looks lovely as its topped with deep blue cornflowers. Tea Tree is an amazing essential oil; as well as being a powerful antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial essential oil its also a powerful cicatrisant which means it helps wounds to heal quicker and then protects them from further infections and is also said to promote scar tissue so its a wonderful aid for any one that suffers from acne, or for cleaning any type of wound. I have also had success with this soap with people that suffer from common herpes. Tea Tree is also well known as a natural fungicide which makes it a good choice for sufferers of Athletes foot.

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