Friday, 6 May 2011

Creamy Oatmeal Exfoliating Handmade soap

Another honey inspired soap, I decided to make this soap because many asked especially for it. Oats have an incredible attraction to water therefore helping to draw and hold moisture to the skin. Finely ground oatmeal also makes a fantastic gentle exfoliant, adhering to what is irritating the skin thereby washing it away with the soap. The benefits of using oatmeal soap include relieving skin irritations and redness from rashes or exposure, reducing itching and moisturizing or softening skin. These benefits make it an effective product for people with eczema, sunburn or allergies, the elderly and young children. Apart from finely ground oatmeal I also added a dollop of organic honey and mild essential oils of sweet orange and ylang ylang. It has a very gentle aroma and with no added colour it really looks and smells extra natural. With the high extra virgin olive oil content this handmade soap is super mild and extra moisturizing so it would be a good choice for anyone suffering from dermatitis, excema, or other skin irritations.


  1. This soap is just so lovely and creamy and leaves the skin so smooth! It smells so nice too! Love it! :-)

  2. You aren't going to put a recipe? All we have to do is try the soap to understand that it works well.... this article is pointless.

  3. Ok Kaitee, it might be pointless if you were looking for a recipe- theres no mention of one in either the title or anywhere in the text. The point was to give information on the use and benefits of oatmeal in soaps- which I think it spells out quite clearly. If you want recipes you need to get a good book with the basics of soap making in and then like I have make your own up using all the information available to you. Spoon feeding is not what this blogs about.