Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Felted natural handmade soaps

Thanks to my good friend Trudi, I now have some lovely hand felted soaps in stock. Trudi has used high quality Merino wool as the main felting ingredient and fine bamboo silk threads as decoration to make these bars, so they are extra soft and gentle. Felted soaps may look a little unusual, but they really are a wonderfully practical way to use handmade soaps in the shower. By just wetting the felted soap you can use it as an all in one exfoliating body wash. The felt adds to the lathering effect and the wool gently exfoliates without being too scratchy. As you use the soap the felt shrinks with the soap and once its finished you are left with a lovely scented piece of felt that you can then use to perfume inbetween your clothes in the cupboard. If you like you can also make a small slit in the empty pouch and put in another piece of soap. They last extra long, and just need to be left to dry on a soap dish between each use. Felted soaps make an ideal gift particularly for men, as they're so practical and really wash away all the dirt after a hard days work. They are now available in the shop in Ronda and online too.

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