Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Vintage clothes in Ronda

Ive always loved vintage clothes and as a student would often combine fifties floral swing dresses with tights and Doc Martens. But that was in the early eighties when Vintage was really a dress style for the eclectic or poor students. Rummaging round charity shops was always a delight as there were many great items to be had at bargain prices. Nowadays Vintage has really come into its own with many choosing this style of dressing to achieve an individual look that defies the highstreet chainstore. Some do it for the choice of fabrics, often no longer available in the quality nowadays, unless you are prepared to pay a very high price. Others choose to reuse and recycle often altering clothes to create a new style again. Whatever the reason its a great way to get a beautiful, unusual item at a good price.

Due to a lucky coincidence a freind with a similar passion that verges on the obsessional, has over the last few years amassed a collection of vintage clothing to be envied. Together we decided that it would be interesting to see what the response to Vintage would be in the small mountain town of Ronda in Andalucia where I run a natural soap and handmade gift shop. So now not only do I stock allsorts of handmade gifts many made by talented women of the area, but also a small range of Vintage clothes, mostly dresses but some skirts and tops. So if you happen to like this kind of thing why not pop in and take a look it will take you back in time if nothing else but you might just find a wonderful outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Ronda Natural Soap Shop Calle Sevilla 23 Ronda 29400

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