Saturday, 2 July 2011

July wedding madness - Kate Moss vs Withers-Bourne

Living here in the rather tranquil and sleepy town of Ronda, celebrity weddings seem something of an extravagant, fairytale event that happens somewhere out there in the wider world of glamorous obsession, flamboyant wealth flaunting, and just the right kind of in-crowd followers. To be honest Im not remotely interested in the ludicrous amount of bridesmaids Kate Moss has at her wedding ceremony, her Vintage gown designed by recently disgraced friend John Galliano, or how she managed to stop the traffic in an until recently rural idyll. But one story has got my attention and thats the hilariously funny national debate thats developed around the Withers-Bourne controversy. This anti-fairytale stars a seemingly poisonous future mother-in-law Carolyn Bourne, cultivator of lowly Pinks and Dianthus, and her future daughter in-law Heidi Withers. Mrs Bourne, disgusted at aforementioned's behaviour on a recent stay in the family home, makes the now fateful decision to send an email to the future daughter-in-law to make her disgust clear and make it quite obvious that she really doesnt like the idea of such an etiqueteless individual entering the wider Bourne clan. Heidi after some reflection, then promptly sent the evil missive to some friends and somewhat miraculously it then went viral- a modern phrase that somehow sums up everything. Despite the subsequent silence of both parties, the father of the bride to be decided to add his own character assessment of Mrs Bourne and it really doesnt leave much to the imagination. So now the hottest ticket for the summer is how to get on the guest list of this ill-fated ceremony- where a serious bit of "schadenfreude" will be played out to the glee of a public that seem to have an endless appetite for such antics. I eagerly await the book, the film and of course the T-shirt.

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