Monday, 7 March 2011

100 years of International Womens Day

Ok just wanted to post something in honor of all the fantastic women that I know. Its 100 years since the first oficial womens day was celebrated and of course there have been many advances in womens rights and health issues since then, so that is something to celebrate, although theres alot of work still to be done around the world especially in those countries that are at the moment experiencing extreme turmoil- we are at least lucky enough to be celebrating even if its not as much as we would like.

On a personal level Im glad to have been enriched by all the wonderful and creative women that I have had the pleasure of knowing over the years. Sometimes in our lives we all need that special kind of support that a good friend can give and often but not allways it comes from a fellow woman. So for all my dearest girlfriends Happy International Womens Day!

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  1. Thank you chica, happy womens day for you too! Enjoy it. There is an exhibition of paintings in the casa de la cultura. Made by women for Womens Day.