Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Andalucia day- 28th February

Here in Andalucia weve just had a holiday- Andalucia day that celebrates the autonomy of the Comunidad Andalucia. Its celebrated in all aspects of society especially in the schools where children sing the Himno de Andalucia, that celebrates peace and equality for all its citizens with the words "the white and green flag returns after centuries of war to declare peace and hope under the sunshine of our land". They also eat the traditional breakfast of toast or bread with olive oil, although some schools sneak some sugar into the equation! Here in Ronda its particularly poignant as it was here in 1918 that one of Andalucias most famous sons Blas Infante, as part of the Assembly of Ronda unfurled for the first time what is now the Andalucian flag and its coat of arms establishing the basis of what it is to be an Andaluz and how the area was to attain its autonomy within Spain as a whole. The green and white colours of the Andalucian flag decorate the towns and villages throughout Andalucia on this day that commemorates the 1980 referendum that finally gave Andalucia its autonomy within Spain. All over Andalucia there are cultural events and activities many of which are free, which ties in with the school holiday of Semana Blanca. As it was a beautiful sunny day here we enjoyed a relaxing walk through the valley below the Tajo with the dogs, only to be marred by the constant whine of a souped up motorbike going backwards and forwards along the path- fairly tipical Andalucia.

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