Monday, 18 July 2011

Easy recipe for luxurious body butter

Ok its summertime and if you are anything like me your skin is beginning to suffer from the sun and the sea. So not being able to find the kind of product I wanted at the price I decided to have a go myself. In the past Ive made lip balms, massage oils and bath bombs but had never tried making creams or body butters. So I had a look online and found some basic instructions and then adapted these to what I had to hand. I was really pleased with the result- a light, quite creamy buttery body butter that melts on impact with the skin. I scented it with pure Jasmin absolut and Tangerine essential oil and it really smells delicious and has a light yellow colour. Jasmin essential oil is recommended for giving the skin back elasticity, and the tangerine as with most citrus oils is great for cellulite issues. So heres the recipe and its pretty easy to do at home but you do need an accurate digital scale. The quantities make around a 100gms in total but its pretty rich so you only need a bit at a time.


56gms Unrefined Cocoa butter
56gms Jojoba oil
7gms Beeswax pellets
5gms Cornstarch, or rice flour.
7gms Essential oil of choice

Prepare a large bowl with ice cubes in which will later fit another bowl with the oils in.

Using a double boiler, start by melting the beeswax pellets and the cocoa butter until liquid.

In a separate bowl mix the jojoba oil with the cornstarch and the essential oils.

Add the jojoba oil mix to the cocoabutter mix. Then place this bowl into the prepared ice bowl and start to whip with an electric mixer. Keep whipping until the mixture sets up but is still maneageble. Then transfer to your jar or container with a lid. Thats it!

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