Friday, 15 July 2011

Spanish Traditional Crafts- Jarapas

The Spanish "Jarapa" is actually a rug woven out of bits of surplus material, the technique was originally introduced into Spain by the Moors in the 12th Century and has continued on to this day. Although they are made throughout Andalusia the main production areas are Coy in Murcia and Nijar in Almeria. In Coy there is a museum where you can see them being produced on the original wooden looms.
One of the great things about Jarapas is that they are made from recycled cotton, usually left overs from the textile industry in Catalonia. Using up to 80% recycled cotton each Jarapa is unique in its colour and pattern scheme. They are also extremely hard wearing, and the smaller ones can be washed in a normal household washing machine.

Traditionally the Jarapa was used as a layer between the bed base and the mattress to protect the mattress from wear from the bed springs, but nowadays they are used as wall hangings, bathmats, and floor coverings.

There are many styles of Jarapa but the most common is the Andina, a blend of wide stripes that normally features cream alongside a bright colour. Jarapas can be bought throughout Andalusia, and here in Ronda there is a selection for sale at Rondas natural soap shop on the Calle Sevilla 23 or if youre not in the area you could check out the website for andalucianrugs that offers a wide range of rugs at competitive prices.

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