Saturday, 23 July 2011

Natural Aromatherapy Insect Repellent Recipe

This year in Andalucia the insects are abundant- as it was a very wet winter and spring there is lots of water still in the ground, and the insects in particular the mosquitos are prolific. I react very badly to mosquito bites so I really need to protect myself from them. There are several essential oils that are really effective against bites, and I have made myself a blend in a base of sweet almond oil in a roll on that can be put on the areas most affected- around the ankles, arms and I always put a dab or two around the neck. It doesnt smell as bad as commercially bought insect repellents, and has the added bonus of moisturizing the skin.


30mils Almond oil
8 drops Thyme essential oil
16 drops Lemongrass essential oil
8 drops Lavender essential oil
8 drops Peppermint essential oil

If you dont like oil based products you could try the same amount of essential oils in a spray bottle mixed with a floral water preferably lavender.

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