Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Soap - Basil, Rosemary and Orange.

This handmade soap has been made to order for a boutique retreat near Ronda. But I was so pleased with the outcome that I then made another batch for sale on my website. The soap has a beautiful pale orange colour that I got by macerating a part of the olive oil in Annatto seeds. This oil I then added to the base oils in the pan. The original brief for the scenting of the soap was to make an aroma that reflected the surroundings of the retreat. I chose a combination of Basil, Rosemary and Orange and the resulting scent is peppery and herbal with a light citrus top note. Basil can be very dominant in essential oil blends so it has to be used sparingly in combination with other essential oils. Basil has a very uplifting effect and is a stimulant and therefore is used in aromatherapy to combat tiredness and aid concentration. As a skin care oil it is useful in balancing oily skin conditions, and due to its anti-bacterial properties it is also an aid in the treatment of acne. It can help to stimulate the blood circulation which is why it is often found in anti-cellulite massage formulas. Combining it with the properties of Rosemary a powerful astringent, and the addition of Orange essential oil that also aids blood flow to the skin its an excellent choice for sufferers from oiliness, acne, or just generally sluggish skin. The uplifting aromas also make it a great choice for morning skin care routines, giving one a helpful pick me up to start the day.

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